How to login

How To

This page describes how to login when you change your device.

Save your account

At first, you need to save your account.

On setting screen, tap “My Account Setting”.

setting screen

Tap “Save Account”.

My Account Setting screen

Tap “Save with Email”.
*This page shows how to save account with Email, but it is also possible to save your account with other SNS account.

Save Account screen

Input “Email Address” and “Password”, then tap “Save” placed on bottom.

Save with Email screen

This is all to save account.

Login to your account

To login your account, you need to tap “Log in if you have an account” when you open DAIMOKU PRO at first time with your new phone.

Basic Setting screen

Input “Email Address” and “Password”, then tap “Login”.

This is all.

If you deleted your account or app before saving account, please contact us from Contact page. We can recover your account.
Contact Page

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