01. Record Daimoku

How To

Basic Operation

Home screen image

1: Go to Menu screen

2: Go to Mypage

3: “World Daimoku Count” and “Total Prayed Count” will be shown here. “World Daimoku Count” means that the total Daimoku count which all Daimoku Pro chanters recorded by this app. If you NMRK three times, it will be count as three. “Total Prayed Count” is the total number of count that all chanters in this app tapped heart icon (it means sending Daimoku).

4: Showing “The number of user currently chanting by this app”. When you tap here, you move to its list.

5: STOPWATCH to record your daimoku. The time that you chant as well as each daimoku is chanted. When you want to save your Daimoku, tap the “SAVE” button. A blue circle bar will appear if you set a TARGET. This circle bar will show your progress for the day.

6: Daimoku Group. When you belong to any Daimoku Group, it shows when Daimoku Group schedule comes. If it is the time of Daimoku Group, it shows “in Process”

7: When you set some prayer items “show on home”, these prayers will be displayed below the stopwatch section.

Supplemental Explanation

  • “Currently Chanting Users” and “Currently Chanting Group” can tell you that you are chanting not alone, others also chanting right now for someone’s success or maybe world peace.
  • If you want to chant for others, it is also great to tap “Currently Chanting User” and “Prayed” one by one from top to bottom. Users whom be “Prayed” can feel that somebody cheering them up.
  • If you are chanting some fixed specific time, it is also good way to belong some Daimoku Group which has same schedule as you. You can search any public group, it means it is open and free to join.
  • Daimoku Count is calculated by time you chanting and “Count Per Minutes” which you set when you start using this app. This can be a some criteria how much you chanting. You can change “Count Per Minutes” anytime on Setting function.
Stopwatch mini view screen image

I feel it is natural that prayers item which user want to focus on right now, are a few. And it is irritating if user need to go and come back beyond screens to chant some items.

So, you can show some prayer items on Home. However, if those items are not a few and need to scroll down a lot, usability will decrease. So, when you scroll down to watch your items, the stopwatch section will minimize to prevent from losing usability.

Adjustment when saving

Save screen image

After saving your daimoku record, you can adjust its date, time, and daimoku count. It is also possible to adjust them when saving. Use this function as you need.

Running stopwatch on background

Application Setting screen image

It is enable to run stopwatch on background.

Go to “Setting” -> “Application Setting”, and turn on “Continue chanting timer on background”.

If you kill app, stopwatch will stop running, so be careful.

Technically, app is not running stopwatch on background, but save the time when app go background and the time when app come back to foreground, then calculate the difference. So app does not consume mobile battery in vain.

If you concern about mobile battery running, try this function.

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