June, 2019


“Prayed” with Animation!!

On the latest version, “Prayed” function with cute animation!! When you tap “Prayed” button, the heart icon animate. Now it is happier to do “Prayed”. Please actively “Prayed”, and send your Daimoku to other SGI members. In addition, usability such as “Prayed” button and start stop button was improved. Some trouble points were also fixed. For those who “What is prayed??”, please refer the page below.What is “Prayed” function??


How to “OFF” journal function

Thank you for using DAIMOKU PRO. I received a comment from use “Journal popup is annoying showing every time after chanting.” I understand that it is no good for users who do not use journal function. In this case, you can off the journal popup by setting. Set off the journal popup 1: On setting screen, tap “Application Setting” 2: Set off “Create Journals after Daimoku” Set this way, if you are not using journal...


What is “Prayed” function?

In short, “Prayed” function is the function “To send your Daimoku to others”. You can tap heart mark to do “Prayed” to send your Daimoku, if you chanted for them. Even if your Daimoku is only 3 times, please send Daimoku with “Prayed” function. User who was “Prayed”, can received “Prayed” notification, and feel Daimoku from others. Members often chant Daimoku each other, and send Daimoku each other. If someone got in some difficult situations,...


Easy to change from other app to DAIMOKU PRO

Even if you are tracking your Daimoku with other apps, or with notebooks, it is easy to start using DAIMOKU PRO. Maybe you also want to record your result from start of year, because you are challenging chanting with year goal. For those, DAIMOKU PRO has useful function which users can easily record your past Daimoku record. Record past Daimoku function of DAIMOKU PRO DAIMOKU PRO has 2 types of recording past Daimoku function. “Individual...