May, 2019

How To

12. Other Functions

Daimoku Deposit Function *Daimoku Deposit function is currently closed. When you chant using this app, you can “virtually deposit” your Daimoku as Daimoku Points. 1 Daimoku Count equals 1 Daimoku Point. So you can earn Daimoku Points as you chant Daimoku. If other users have tapped “prayed” for your prayer items or for you, you earn 3 Daimoku Point. These points are not real money, of course! It is only meant to virtually confirm how...

How To

08. “Prayed” to users

This function is the same as the “Prayed” function of a prayer item. While chanting during a challenge, there are times when we pray more for others than for ourselves. It could be for local friends, family, district members or a classmate/colleague. Sometimes we may not know what exact situation it is they are going through and so will simply write down their names and pray for their overall well-being. The same thing can be...