May, 2019

How To

06. Friends function

Be friends You can be friends with other SGI members around the world. When you become a Friend, the user’s “Prayer Items” will be displayed in the Friend column. You will also do “Prayed” from your friends list. Profile detail screen of other users If you tap “Friend request” button, your can send your request. After he/she accepts, you become friends on app. By tapping “heart icon” placed at right-bottom corner on user icon, you...

How To

04. Target Management

I’m sure there are resolutions to be made for the next milestone, or challenges to chant towards a certain day. In such cases, try using the target management function. Create target All created targets will be listed in the target list screen. Here, you can review your performance against past targets, remove unwanted targets, and edit targets. Manage targets All target you created, is listed on target list screen. You can check your results on...

How To

03. Prayers Management

Prayers item list screen 1: Tap Navigation Title, then you can check items whose status are “Completed”, “Canceled” and so on.2: Go to Prayer setting screen.3: Prayer Item Card Contents of prayer item card On the right, there is “Prayed” icon. By tapping heart icon, you can do “Prayed”. At bottom, “Commented”, and “Shared”, from left to right. By tapping comment and share icons, you can go to “comment” and “share” detail screens. Create new...