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First of all, please read this article when you start using DAIMOKU PRO


Hi, I am Hiromi, a developer of DAIMOKU PRO.

In this official blog, I will write about release information and what I am thinking on this app. This is the first article, just wrote what I came up with, and this became longer than I expected.

So if you have time, it would be great you go through this article. If not, I will appreciate you read this later when you have time.

I just wrote it without any outlines, it is not organized.

And, any sentences and expressions on this site is not representatives of any group or organization, but just my thoughts and experiences.

Why I built this app?

Before Daimoku Pro, if I was in a difficult situation, my district members could reach out to me, cheer me up and encourage me.

They might say, “I chanted daimoku for you,” or remind me that the situation will become meaningful to my life in the future. Or they might say, “Let’s chant to overcome this together.”

In doing so, I would feel this other person’s heart and caring mind. I would naturally feel hope emerge.

Because of that connection with another caring person, I’d be more likely to keep trying, to do my best, to show actual proof and challenge myself once again to become victorious.

As a result, I would overcome my difficulty faster and with greater joy, deepen my faith so that I could make an even greater determination.

This is one of the great benefits of belonging to our Soka  network.

Now, with Daimoku Pro, the benefits of encouragement on the local district level can now spread around the globe.

SGI members around the world can cheer up one another online.

World recognition of SGI

Another reason I wanted to make this ap was to spread a deeper understanding of the Soka Gakkai.

In Japan, there are many rumors about the SGI.  Members and non members can have radically different views about our organization.

As a proud SGI member, this makes me sad.

Whether the rumors are true or false, each person must make their own determination. However, it appears that rumors can sometimes start when there is an unclear perception from the outside about what the SGI is about, what we do as members and why we take the action we do.

From my perspective, SGI members dedicate a great deal of time to caring for others. It is my sincere hope that Daimoku Pro will provide a means to sho the true caring spirit of the SGI.

Daimoku Pro may be the first mobile application which has SNS functions. In this way, non SGI members can witness how SGI members treat one another, cheer each other up and how they express their compassion and support for one another.

It’s my hope that Daimoku Pro can help non SGI members get a glimpse of this caring heart of the Soka tradition.

If some non SGI members have heard rumors or innuendo about the Buddhism we practice, perhaps ehe compassion that we show for one another will provide an opportunity for dialog and create a deeper understanding about the SGI.

In terms of efficiency

But withouth any efficiency improvement by this app, users do not continue to use this app, even if users sympathize the concepts of DAIMOKU PRO. Therefore, I have to pursue the efficiency improvement as a developer.

Record Daimoku chanting data and tracking results

Then, what can DAIMOKU PRO provide in terms of efficiency? Yes, at first, it is easy to recored chanting time by stopwatch function. Just tap “start” and “save” when you finish chanting. It is an easy step.

How was it before this app launches? Some people use an other timer or checking a clock to measure chanting time, then write down on tracking note or input data on mobile phone one by one.

Okay, then how much did I chanted in this month? How is the quarter? It was difficult to calculate and took time, I didn’t say it was impossible though.

By DAIMOKU PRO, users just need to record time by stopwatch function, then check record tracks various axises such as daily, monthly, or flexible periodically.

Prayers management

People manage their prayers in many different ways. Basically, we write down prayers with a pen on a notebook or something. If completed, drawing line on it. It is difficult to flexibly manage them because all data is on paper.

DAIMOKU PRO can digitalize them, so it is easy to flexibly manage, with statuses such as On-Going or pending. Also easy to sort and filter.

“Prayed” function

I promote you to use “Prayed” to your own prayers too, not only others prayers. Because now you can see how much you chanted for that prayers.

For example, let’s assume you had a prayer like “Pass an exam” and chanted Daimoku for it everyday by yourself. On some moment, you notice that your “Prayed” to “Pass an exam” are more than 100, and you can recognize how much you have chanted for it.

In short, you can notice how serious you are for it. If that goal has not been completed yet, you can look back your actions like “Have I done chanted and acted for that enough?” and make strong determination again.

So you can visualize your Daimoku by DAIMOKU PRO.

But truth be told, I developed this “Prayed” function for chanting Daimoku for others and others’ prayers to deliver Daimoku, also ask others to chant Daimoku for my own prayers. You can just “Prayed” to your own prayers too.

Target management

I assume that there are some situations that you touch something other’s determination and make your own determination such as “Let’s chant Daimoku 30 minutes everyday” or maybe “I do 1 million Daimoku until when”… and so on.

Without DAIMOKU PRO, you needed to plan and track all in your head or write down on some papers.

DAIMOKU PRO can provide you two different types of target management methods which are “Daily Target” and “Total Target”. This is also one of the function to improve efficiency.

To use DAIMOKU PRO for your own, I feel it is enough functionality. However, the core concept of DAIMOKU PRO is social function.

So, what are social functions of DAIMOKU PRO?

There are some social functions, but let’s start from “Prayed”, “Comment”, and “Share” on prayers.

“Prayed” function again

If there is a situation like that you know person A each other, and you know person A are trying to overcome something B, but person A does not published prayers about something B.

If so, you can just “Prayed” person A himself/herself. Even if it was just 3 time of Daimoku or 100 Daimoku, but still your loving-kindness Daimoku can cheer him/her up, you can do “Prayed” himself/herself.

As you practices this Buddhism, you will start to chant Daimoku and act for others. Maybe because there are concepts on the basis like “Happiness for me and others” and “Do not build your happiness on others’ unhappiness.”

Just make sure, people’s mind are always changing from the bottom like hell to buddha mind along with circumstances changing.

However when we are chanting, our mind state can be higher, and comments which are created from the high mind state, can encourage more than normal. Those comments make other users braver and happier.

Currently chanting users and groups

DAIMOKU PRO has the function which shows currently chanting users and groups too. The idea of this function was born from the conversation with a high school student who were in Singapore.

When few years have passed since I joined a company, I’ve been to Singapore for business and attended in Zadankai there. Everything was in Chinese language and couldn’t understand at all, but there is a good person who translated for me.

We became friends and cheered up each other through calling after I went back to Japan. One day, he said on the phone, “There are many members who are chanting for someone somewhere at this very minute. Don’t you think is this just great?” I felt he was great to notice this fact and think it is great, but still the fact itself is great.

So, this function tells some members who are struggling by themselves alone and trying to overcome their difficulties with chanting Daimoku, “You are not alone. There are many many people chanting Daimoku to change something, to overcome their karma.”

Don’t you think is it great? I think it is great. Whenever you open this app, you can notice there are many SGI members behind or I could say around of the world, SGI members who are chanting Daimoku. This app can visualize this fact, and we can see actual users and groups on the lists. So, you are not alone.

There is reasons why this app focuses on people who are struggling and feeling loneliness. It is no problem if all local districts function well, but it may be not.

I have a friend who currently practice together, he moved from the other district, and he didn’t practice there, because the atmosphere didn’t fit with him in that district. Also, other my friend said that she doesn’t go well with her leader. I think there are similar cases everywhere.

We are human and not perfect, there are many different kind of people in organization, so it is just natural. However, it is also sad if they leave organization or local groups because of it.

No one have done anything wrong, but if still it happens, this app doesn’t allow members to be alone. I hope this app can contribute for organization this way too.

Friend and Chat function

Friend and chat are also social functions. Just 1 hour ago to write this page, I had a conversation face to face with my leader who is a professional boxer. In this conversation, one thing was impressed for me.

He said that he went to NY to have a boxing match, he could meet a SGI members who is same generations with him and had similar situation.

That SGI member helped him to stay around in NY with his local SGI members. My leader said, he was happy because he could know with that member each other having similar mind and challenge.

DAIMOKU PRO can enables SGI members to connect around of the world, with people who have similar minds and challenges. We can cheer up each other beyond the physical limitation.

I have another similar story. One of my friend loves Italy and went abroad to study for a while. She often thinks about Italy and Italy SGI. In this moment, if she could find Italy SGI members on the app, she can be friend with them and she can chant Daimoku for them and their prayers. If it is possible, it is beautiful.

Everyone has something problems but cannot show off them in superficial world, acting like all okay, and I heard there are many people like that greater or lesser. Understandable.

The people who has similar situation can encourage others and each other better, understand each other better, his words can move people.

So just getting rid of the surfaces, we can talk heart by heart in this organization with SGI members, saying let’s challenge together cheering with the words I chant for you, and actually chant together at the same place.

I feel this organization is great because there are such kind of heart-full world spread.

Daimoku group function

Get back to social functions. DAIMOKU PRO has also Daimoku group function. Maybe you have experienced “Domei Shodai” several times, which some people chant at the same time at the scheduled time if there are far in distance.

We usually do “Domei Shodai” with directly known members in the same district. Most of the time, we do with around 2 to 20 members together. At first, DAIMOKU PRO is capable to do Domei Shodai with small amount of members.

In addition, you can receive the app notification when other members starts to chant Daimoku. This is also one of functions to encourage us. We are very weak alone as we know.

When we are close to lose my faith or getting laziness alone, receiving notifications of others starting chanting Daimoku can make you encouraged again like “My friends are trying, so I do too again!!”. So it is also the one of the function not to allow members to be alone.

There are some members who are chanting by themselves alone. Let’s assume that they schedule chanting time like every Sunday 19:00-19:30. If there are some one who has similar schedules for chanting, people can find these people on the currently chanting users or groups.

If the timing fits for users, maybe they can chant together with Daimoku group function even if they directly don’t know each other. This is also one of functions not to allow to be alone.

One more goal I want to achieve with this Daimoku group function, is that doing “Domei Shodai” with thousands of members together. It was almost impossible as-is, but with this app, it is easy to realize that.

For example, Daimoku group can have a description, so if others sympathize the concept of groups, getting together online and chant together online. This can be said one big chanting movement, and this app can be the base system. If it is realized, I feel it is beautiful too.

Daimoku Baton

One more social function which is implemented in this app, is “Daimoku Baton”. Maybe you have some experiences like Daimoku relay in local district, maybe not. In the region I was in, we had a Daimoku notebook and passed it on with members

One chanted and wrote his current situation, what he is trying, how he determined, and passed it on. One received the notebook, read others determinations, and determine himself and chant and passes it on.

Maybe you have experienced something similar.

You can do this kind of activity online with this app, that is Daimoku Baton. You can pass Baton on instead of notebook. Why is it Baton? Because image of that activity was like relay in my mind. Relaying determination batons with members around of the world, we can relay our determinations.

If you receive a baton, set it on, and chant Daimoku on your timing, and write something your determination. You can pass it to your friends, or can select randomly, so peoples’ determinations can fly around of the world. It is also okay not to write any determination, or not to pass it on. It will be automatically passed when some time passed.

This function is also function to incorporate lonely members into groups, and if this function could encourage someone, it is beautiful again.

The effects on world which DAIMOKU PRO can give

I wrote sentences about somebody who are lonely and struggling above, but there are other purposes too. One of them is that maybe this app can contribute to Kosen-Rufu a little.

For example, thinking from the point of Shakubuku, this action is like that telling why I am practicing this Buddhism and inviting to do together. Let’s define this is the action to move one person big.

On the other hand, this app ( and this blog) is spreading the true understanding to many people a little, which comes from communication such as encouraging each other or “Prayed” within this app, or this article.

There are differences in terms of scope and largeness of effect. We can also learn how this Buddhism is through reading online page or official publishes.

Many non SGI people are also reading these publishes and they understand the truth such as the fact living on this Buddhism as the core of life and overcame their karma, and so on.

The part of what I like this SGI organization, is that all members have the same faith and belief. This app can tell everyone the fact in real-time. So, I considered this app needs social functions for sure.

There are several Daimoku apps, but they have just timer and record functions. So, I thought maybe we can just use default timer app. Also there are very useful apps like Toggle for recording. If you just want to record, you can just use Toggle which is free.

That’s why this app needed to have some social functions which can provide users other values.

Then, after pursuing the efficiency of app, the number of user increases, and effect to the world can increase too.

Why do you practice in this organization?

Maybe because of my profession, I often consider why I am doing this, the purposes. Why am I doing these tasks? Is it really necessary? Why do we proceed exactly this project? And if there is an goal and some options A and B, we can decide which option to take as is better along with the goal.

At the time when I decide to develop this app, while developing, and when writing this article too, I am thinking why I am developing this app. Is it just to provide efficiency to users? To contribute Koesn-Rufu? If so, why do we do? Why am I practicing this Buddhism? Why do we do Shakubuku? Considering to the end, I reached to the question why I am living and do I have any reasons to live? Just make sure, I have no idea to end my life.

I have my own answers to these questions above, but I don’t like here. Then why am I writing this? (a new question). Because, maybe this is a good time for you to think those questions again including me.

For my friends and colleague, it has passed few years after joining companies, and they are fighting with society in different situation. If they have some ideals or dreams, we trapped into the busyness, tend to live for ourselves, and maybe it is normal and I think it is natural.

Many of them come home around 10 p.m. or later, and paying pensions which we hardly receive any return, working hard and hard with many questions. I can understand we lose some purpose to live. It is very difficult to do some duties for organization. I can understand some people can think they feel to be said do not work.

I had some similar situation and had questions, discussed with friends, and understood there are many people who are suffering from many problems but act like there are no problems.

And, if this app has any chances to encourage someone, maybe developing this app can make my life more meaningful.

I know for sure that doing something for others or encouraging someone directly or indirectly gives myself encouraging from my experiences. I just had a lack to know many great each other and encounter this Buddhism when very young.

This organization has very warm atmosphere and getting know people each other. It is very important for my life, timing is very different for each.

Perhaps there is a meaning to launch this app if DAIMOKU PRO can realize those goals or encouraging someone else, even if just only one person. I wrote the concept page this one hundredth condensed.

So what I wanted to tell is that we should check again the purposes, encouraging each other, and trying to overcome our own karmas, and I want to provide users the brave to live.

It continues …

Can’t fully hate bad people

As I see some crime news, I feel I want to define this is just a bad man. Maybe be there are some people who was born as criminal, but many are not.

Everyone has good heart and bad heart, such as to defeat someone to rise yourself up, or do something for others even if no one notices. In Buddhism, it is explained as the ten worlds from the world of hell to the world of Buddhahood.

And in this Nichiren Buddhism, everyone has this ten worlds in mind and we all can obtain this the world of Buddhahood.

People perhaps know mind state is fluctuating without any knowledge of the ten worlds. For an easy example, like fighting an angel and a devil in mind.

And this is not easy to handle, it is fluctuating with in fluctuating vary environments. To learn this Buddhism and to practice it, we can recognize how our mind state is and make it higher, in my opinion. Chanting Daimoku is the base of them.

SGI members are chanting everyday, time is different depending on each one like 10 minutes or 3 hours. I assume people mainly use DAIMOKU PRO during chanting Daimoku.

Get back to about bad people, they also have good heart too in mind, it is not just shown now, that’s it. Because of some environments, power, rights, or money make bad heart stronger, in my opinion.

So everyone can take out and use good heart and start again. Even if they are very bad situation, everyone can start based on Daimoku. So I can’t fully hate bad people.

Practitioner of this Nichiren Buddhism have those kind of concept and act for others.

How much does DAIMOKU PRO should visualize prays?

“Prayed” function is the basis of this app, I have been considering again and again about this function. I can say “Prayed” function is visualizing or digitalizing pray and chant for others. But wait a minute. Does DAIMOKU PRO need to visualize all of them? That was one of my questions to myself.

What I was considering was that yes people who received “Prayed” from others, can feel happy and notice someone’s courage to themselves and make determine again. But this is the story of receiver side.

How is the feeling of who sent Daimoku for others through “Prayed” function? In conclusion, the “Prayed” function can stay as is.

For example, my friend said to me we have many seniors who chant Daimoku for us. They gave us many things to spent their precious time to improve my life.

I practiced with them and act with them and understood how they think, so I am sure they chant Daimoku for us. It is not about how strong they chant or how long they chant, I strongly appreciate chanting for us itself.

So, how they (sometimes I) think when they chant for others? They sometime say to us directly “I chanted Daimoku for you. Hoping you can overcome.”, but sometimes they don’t just tell, just chanted behind. They tell us when they need.

When I chant for others, let’s say I am chanting for someone everyday, and do I tell them that everyday, or texting everyday to let them know? Maybe no. They tell only when they really to change the situation to overcome someone’s difficulties by using their time and efforts a lot.

So, if you want to tell someone your pray, you can do “Prayed” everyday, if not, you just chant for them and you can just sometime use “Prayed” function. When you want to let them know, just use “Prayed” function, person who chants Daimoku can decide wether to tell them or not. So “Prayed” function can stay as is.

At the end of this post

Actually, there are lots of things I am thinking and want to write. I post again when I feel to do so. I didn’t organized the items this post, so it is like a mess, but I just kept it in that way which perhaps show my personality better.

We continue to improve app, and appreciate your opinions. At the first release launched, there are many things I am not satisfied.

It would be appreciated and very welcome some construction criticism. Tell us any improvable points. And if you like this app, please tell this around of you.

Thank you for reading and using.

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