• Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy sets out how DAIMOKU PRO management office ( hereinafter referred to as the “Administrator”) uses and protects any information that you provide through DAIMOKU PRO( hereinafter referred to as the “Service”) and related websites. 

When you use services, administrator understands you agreed with this privacy policy regardless where you use services, and how you use services. All information you provide are usable in any countries including Japan.

Purpose and use of information
All information you provide are used for this service improvements.

Analysis of information
Administrator judge whether any information which is you provide such as text and pictures, is applicable to the items below or not, check them to exclude those information if they are applicable, and  analyze only to improve services.

  1. Violation of the law or the service protocol
  2. Induction or in danger of induction to violation of the violative action
  3. Impinging or in danger of impinging on third party’s rights
  4. Any information which administrator judge inadequate

Information for service registration
When you register this service, you need to provide information such as name, profile picture, birthday, and gender.

Log information
The server of this service will automatically record your service use logs, through the interfaces such as mobile application and the official website.

Third party services in DAIMOKU PRO
Administrator uses some third party services such as Google Analytics to comprehend service uses. These third party services may correct some information such as IP address when you use DAIMOKU PRO.

Information disclosure
Any personal information are never disclosed except special conditions which are described above. 

Law and noxiousness
To comply with law and policies, to protect all user’s safety, to prevent from abuses, to deal with any technical issues, or to believe it is necessary to protect the rights and assets of administrator, administrator is able to disclose or keep user’s information.

Public or not personal information
Administrator might disclose or publish information, which are published by users as published data or any compiled statistical information for marketing or advertising purpose to third parties. 

Delete personal information
User can delete personal information or personal account at any time. When account is deleted, any personal information is deleted on the server.

Privacy Policy Amendment
As required, this privacy policy can be amended. In that case, the new privacy policy will be applied to any privacy data. If the privacy policy amendment has critical changes, administrator will notify to all users. When users continue to use services after privacy policy amendment, it is understood that users agreed with new privacy policy.